Edmonton: Mercury Opera presents Giuseppe Verdi's La Traviata at the notorious Chez Pierre Cabaret.


La Traviata is Verdi’s tragic masterpiece about a glamorous courtesan Violetta who captures the heart of Alfredo. The lovers run away together and live happily for a few months until Alfredo's father Giorgio appears asking Violetta to leave Alfredo for the sake of their family’s honor.  When Germont explains that Violetta's salacious past will affect the marriage prospects of his daughter, Violetta reluctantly agrees. Alfredo without knowledge of his father’s interference believes he has been callously spurned by Violetta and publicly humiliates her. When Giorgio realizes the depth of love between the two, he eventually confesses his wrongdoing to his son. When Alfredo rushes to Violetta’s side begging for forgiveness, she is on her deathbed.


Mercury Opera’s interpretation of La Traviata is a Paris boutique-sized 1920's rendering of the human story that unfolds in a hedonistic world where both the rich and the wretched have their fun.  Violetta, a courtesan finds true love and happiness with Alfredo only to have that love thwarted by societal mores. Verdi’s thrilling and poignant score sweeps the characters through their every shifting emotions from the wildly dramatic to the most tender and heartbreaking of moments. 


SopranosKrista de Silvaand Kathleen Morrisonshare top billing as Violetta Valery, the beautiful courtesan who catches the eye of Alfredo Germont, and along with tenors Boris Derow and Dan Rowley head up a cast of rising talent including: ß


Adam Brousseau as Giorgio Germont

Barbara King and Bethany Yonas Flora Bervoix

Ainsley Soutiere& Jill Hoogewoonink as Annina

Adam Arnold as Marquis D’Obigny/Messenger

Ian Fundytus, as Baron Douphol

Oliver Munar as Gastone, Viscount of Letorieres

Max Fingerote – Giuseppe, servant to Violetta & Servant of Flora.

Doctor Grenville - Roland Burks


Carlos Foggin, Director of The Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestraconducts a Cabaret sized orchestra of live musicians.


Dress up in the fashions of Paris in the Twenties and be part of the action.  You’ll be given a secret password to enter the club and be transported into Violetta’s world of Fallen Angels, Side Cars and Bubbly.


Ever since its New York City inception in 1999, Mercury Opera’s Darcia Parada has gleefully messed with the public’s perception of what opera entails. "Blowing away all the pretentious cobwebs of the artform" by presenting accessible operatic experiences, often to standing room only audiences in unorthodox venues: underground commuter rail platforms, tents, paddle riverboats, circus sideshows, back alleys and fire escapes, commuter rail platforms, Ottawa’s Rideau Canal, and now the infamous Chez Pierre Cabaret.  


When:  March 1, 2, 3rd  8, 9.,10th 2018 (limited run)


Doors open at 6pm.

Where: Chez Pierre Cabaret  10040-105th Street

Tickets – 780 420 1757

All media inquiries – contact Darcia Parada 780 803 1849

Find us on Twitter @mercuryopera and on Facebook @mercuryopera