How it works:

Between 6pm and 7:30pm check in at  
Fiamma Headquarters  at The Armstong Block 10129 -104th street (parlour floor) and Box Office.
Exchange your online ticket receipt for your passport and map to Fiamma.

From 6pm - 8pm, stroll the area on a sipping and tasting tour visiting participating host businesses where audience members are offered samplings of beverages and light bites.  

At 8pm you will guided into the alley of light  for "Fiamma" the hot, fiery and exquisite performance by some of Alberta's rising operatic stars, accompanied by live musicians and special guests, The Vibe Tribe Gypsy Circus and  the aerial arts of Firefly Theatre.  

Following the performance  Fiamma audience members are invited to meet the cast at Rigoletto's (cash bar) and talk about the fearless performance.

Host Businesses: 

Weners Shoes
10322 Jasper Ave.

Eyecare Group
10360-Jasper Ave.

Devine Wines & Spirits
10111-104th St.

10130-104th Street

The Helm
10125-104th Street

Dauphine (lower level)
10129-104th Street

Coup {garment boutique}
10137-104th st.

ROAST  (tailgate)
serving between 7-8pm
on the Melcor parking lot